Can bee products really help you fight the virus?

Tickly throat, stuffy nose, suffering from voice loss or tired from persistent coughing? There’s no better natural remedy than that made by bees. Bees are the only creatures that produce an array of nutrients and organic medicines needed by humans.

When feeling under the weather, it's integral to listen to your body’s and mind’s needs, providing it with lots of care and rest. Sometimes, we may feel our immune system get fragile meaning our protection gets weaker and in turn, we become more susceptible to viruses. Unfortunately, viruses are invisible as they are well adapted to live among humans.

Given the current situation, everyone is seeking new ways to protect themselves against the virus. Bees have us beaten as they have discovered a long time ago that to survive, they need to obtain anti-disinfectant properties. They do so by covering the walls of the hive in wax which in turn protects the hive. Beeswax also known as Propolis, is perfect evidence of the unique ability of bees to process biologically active substances. They actively use propolis to protect themselves against unwanted microorganisms.

In the Max Planck institute in Germany, insightful research took place with 16 thousand participants present. It was proven that beeswax works as a natural antibiotic that doesn’t cause bacteria resistance. The findings of this study are very important because we lack a new generation of antibiotics that could kill resistant bacteria.

Phytotherapists revealing that in the midst of inventing new medicines scientists are actively doing more research surrounding bee propolis.  Combining propolis with turmeric, pepper and ginger has a stronger effect than the use of each active substance alone. Whilst propolis and black pepper allow your body to absorb nutrients more easily, turmeric may further help fight inflammation and act as an antioxidant, ginger may help reduce mucus and support your immune system.

Further research by scientists at the University of Oklahoma (USA) has shown that propolis is an indispensable remedy for upper respiratory diseases.

It has immune system stimulating properties and increases the activity of the body's immune cells. There is no doubt that it is useful to use it prophylactically and to properly prepare for the cold season.

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