About Us

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We started purely out of passion to natures holistic supplements which help to restore the equilibrium, a state of physical and mental balance, and improve our wellbeing. Slowly but surely, we transformed into a business so we could help others striving for the same. Due to connections with some of the best beekeepers in the purest places of Europe, we were able to take their raw, unpasteurised or any other way untreated honey, with its uncounted benefits, for the base of our niche products. Infused with the highest quality European sourced full spectrum hemp CBD extract we created the perfect edible supplements and beauty products for your body, beauty and soul. Since Povilas, the Master of science (MSc) in Green chemistry and sustainable industrial technology, joined our team, we brought it even to the higher level.

That’s how lab:NATURE was born.

Our team (from left to the right): Darius, Lina and Povilas (Paul)



In a world lacking harmony and mindfulness, it’s hard to stay focused on your own well-being. We believe that extracting the full potential of organic elements of nature, such as CBD and combining it with other highly-beneficial ingredients such as raw honey,  can help us achieve  our true desired potential.

As the hemp market is rapidly expanding and growing, we want to contribute to this evolution of CBD with our own unique products that may improve other’s quality of life. All of of the ingredients in our products have been carefully researched to provide the best possible nutrients and care for your body and soul.