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"ELIXIR OF YOUTH" | CBD Honey Face Mask


Nature's Blanket of Timeless Beauty and Wellness - by LabNature

Cleopatra was known for her flawless beauty and skin. One of her beloved ingredients was raw honey. The phytonutrients in honey are responsible for its many beneficial properties. Royal queen bee jelly, Hyaluronic acid and full-spectrum hemp (Cannabis Sativa) extract enhance the mask with unique properties that can create a younger-looking appearance.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of your body’s connective tissue that maintains the skin’s strength and elasticity. 50% of it is in our skin. Everyone sings its praises due to its ability to boost the skin's collagen production, which remarkably improves skin tone and improves its liveliness.

Royal Jelly is the most nutritious substance found in the beehive and the only food source for the queen bee and the larvae. It is why the queen bee lives up to 50 times longer than the average worker bee and can lay more than 1,500 eggs. Royal jelly is known for being beneficial in cellular regeneration.

Full-spectrum hemp extract contains essential nutrients which work synergically with cannabinoids.



Mix well before use. Gently apply it to your face with your fingers. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, then wash off with warm water.



Highest quality raw European honey, EU farmed full spectrum Cannabis Sativa extract (100mg of active cannabinoids), royal jelly 6% 10-HDA, hyaluronic acid, organic pomegranate seed oil. 


  • Raw Unfiltered Cold Pressed Honey

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Full Spectrum CBD

  • 100% Natural and Organically Sourced

  • May reduce the appearance of the age

  • May reduce the wrinkles

  • Non-Drip, Easy wash off

  • Safe to be Swallowed

  • 100mg of active Phytocannabinoids 

  • Lab Certified

  • 60ml

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We started purely out of passion to natures holistic supplements which help to restore the equilibrium, a state of physical and mental balance, and improve our well-being. Slowly but surely, we transformed into a business so we could help others striving for the same. Due to connections with some of the best beekeepers in the purest places of Europe, we were able to take their raw, unpasteurized or any other way untreated honey, with its uncounted benefits, for the base of our niche products. Infused with the highest quality European sourced full spectrum hemp CBD extract we created the perfect edible supplements and beauty products for your body, beauty and soul. Since Povilas, the Master of science (MSc) in Green chemistry and sustainable industrial technology, joined our team, we brought it even to the higher level.

That’s how lab:NATURE was born.

If you have any questions realted to us or our products, feel free to ask. We are all ways willing to help you :)

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